What makes us unique

Taste of Monarchy pastries brought together three cuisine influences — Austrian, Czech and Hungarian. This unique combination of flavours makes Taste of Monarchy pastries outstanding from the other pastries in the world. The variety of cakes, pancakes, muffins, cupcakes, loaves and many more have no limit. The main ingredients that make our product so tasty are cacao, chocolate, nuts, fruits and hints of spices with unexpected flavours. Don't wait - taste our products!

Blueberry cake
Blueberry cake
Blueberry cake

Baking & Delivery Service

Our journey started in London in 2019, but we are holding recipes and techniques successfully tested and proven over generations. We love baking and we want to bring our products closer to customers. We operate in South London, mainly focusing on Surrey Quays, Bermondsey, Canada Water, Rotherhithe and Brockley.

Seasonal Pastries

Our products are made from fresh, organic and seasonal ingredients. We use natural ripe fruits as well as ensure a considerate cooking process.

Customised Orders

Do you wish to place customised orders? We can bake special pastries for your private function at your requested date and time. Contact us for further information.

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Special Offers

Each month we have new special offers for our subscribers. With our loyalty programme, we will ensure that you are not missing out on our best deals.

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Our business partners

Too Good To Go

We are actively supporting zero waste food policy! We do believe that zero waste food is possible and it will help a local community. If anyone puts the effort into this, we can change the environment for the better.

Blue Market Bermondsey

The Blue Market Bermondsey was the very first market where we started to sell our products. Our name has spread quickly and wildly. Shortly we opened Taste of Monarchy online shop to keep up with the growing customer base. Some of our satisfied customers even placed orders from Cornwall and Kent.